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Born 1967, Catterick, Yorkshire, England.

I began to paint in 2010 during a spell of living in Amsterdam. Spurred on by the dark, quiet beauty of a Dutch winter, I was strongly influenced by the brooding mood of Rembrandt's work.


The focus of my work is diverse, perhaps a result of spending a large part of my childhood and married life living overseas.  I produce both representational and abstract work, enjoying the challenges of landscape and figurative painting and drawing.  I have always felt the pull of nature, and am particularly drawn to the natural world, the great outdoors.  My practice involves both plein air and studio work and I enjoy a holistic involvement with my subjects.  In both my abstract and representational work, I like to investigate the dynamics of what is in front of me – the shapes, the light, the negative spaces - and then manipulate them, whether it is through form or colour.


I vary my media from acrylic and oil paints, to charcoal, pastels and printmaking.


I trained at The Heatherley School of Fine Art, Chelsea, London, England.  


I currently live and work in London and Dorset, England.

My work is also available through:

British Art Portfolio

Atherton Green Art

Harvey and Woodd

Lucinda Dalton

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